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Straight Arrows / Rice is Nice
Featured: Week starting 9th June / Breakfast with Caitlin

Nearly three years after their first LP It’s Happening, Straight Arrows release Rising, carrying  along the expected consistency and evolution of their sound. Currently preparing for their vigorous voyage to Aussie’s East Coast, USA and Europe; the six months spent writing, recording and mixing these thirteen songs almost seem no time for such a large project.

The four members initially musicalised in order to distract themselves from annoying occupations, live drama and their respective involvement in other musical projects. Little they knew, something attention-worthy was about to happen and the band’s frontman and recording persona Owen Penglis no longer runs chances of being kicked out of a band, it’s his own. Their melancholic psych punk sounds have, in addition, attracted organisers of the well-known Gonerfest in Memphis, Tennessee, which The Straight Arrow are soon to check off their list.

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