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Salad Days

Mac DeMarco / Spunk
Featured: Week starting 24th March / Breakfast with Caitlin

With Salad Boys, British Columbian Mac Demarco reveals a man who has matured and has perhaps understood salad is best for you. On that same line, the slightly debocherous Rock and Roll  and 2 is replaced by an emphasis on a conscious textual content. His voice is less crowded and submerged and rather projects confidence, clarity and most of all, lyrical awakening.

His playful nonchalance in “Blue Boy”  along with calling up on “honey” and ”sweetheart”, bring the cheerfulness of a wise man, especially when saying “thats the way that life goes”, revealing he may have gone through a life changing moment.

“Brother” follows the same stream of educational interpellation. This time he is calling on a friend, or his true brother, telling him to listen to his advise and “take it slowly brother, let it go, go home”. His voice is raw, and the female back vocals makes us imagine the song as homemade, while all the musicians are sheltering from the cold Canadian winter.

Despite the seriousness of the title “Let Her Go”, the song is impressively too sunny to have been written in Montreal. The guitar melody is sophisticated and replaces Mac’s vocals when absent. “Tell her that you love her, if you really love her, if you are just not sure, let her go”. Beautiful vocal melodies in the background and talking, quite inventive for a personal life coach.

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