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Say Yes To Love

Perfect Pussy / Captured Tracks
Featured: Week starting 28th April / Burn The Airwaves

Syracuse based Perfect Pussy formed by accident, or faith. Meredith Graves was invited to perform in Scott Coffey’s movie Adult World (2012) as the lead singer of a fictive band which featured Perfect Pussy’s current band members. They have now become a blend of hardcore punk, noise rock with a thick lo fi filter on it all.

The final result sounds more provocative than the band’s name, as it somehow destroys the harmony of the latter. Within the recording process, drums, guitar and bass are first written and recorded. They are then handed to Graves, who concludes the layering with her shouting vocals, intensifying the already vivid sound font. At times one can hear lyrics such as “You can read the story of my last six weeks/ In little black bruises and marks from boys’ teeth” but this is almost a miracle since the voice and instruments are both starving for exposure, which leaves the lyrics behind.

Despite the lyrical blurriness, one stills gets the message quite clearly. There is a strong sense of conscious self-esteem, optimism and perseverance that is clearly from a feminist point of view.

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