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Slow Light

Leafy Suburbs / Independent
Featured: Week starting 14th April / Ambient Zone / Posted / Homegrown

Leafy Suburbs is Perth-based musician and writer Lyndon Blue’s solo experimental project. Its’ local found sounds and the title of the album whisper a sense of patriotism which also transgresses magnificently through music.

This gentle piece of work combines dance floor drums and patterns with organic autumnal life and a touch of “synthesis”. Rhythm and melodies are at times bypassing each other, creating an interesting relationship of a blindfolded hide and seek adventure, in which chasers run close by but do never reach each other. “Garden Path/Expensive Illusion”, is Bunnings actually the only option? A looping synth watching over the growth and behaviour of every layer. An interrupted, wet dance. “Lazy Microbes” is a minute or so loop of effected world key synths that stubbornly resonates days after its’ contemplation.

This album leaves us emotionally-wise lost. And this is due to the prolificity and complexion of the sounds. The beauty of every track does not introvert one into seeking its’ littlest association with the self. We are rather propelled to concentrate and carefully study each sparkle, push, scream…

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