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Smokey Lungs and Dirty Puns

David Craft / Independent
Featured: Week starting 31st March / Homegrown

Charming local musician/lead singer David Craft released his debut EP Smokey Lungs & Dirty Puns a couple of days ago. His baritone voice strikes us like an unexpected encounter, a sound quite rare and impossible to imitate. It is so powerful, raw, mystic, at times angry and sensual, grabbing one’s attention in order to figure out exactly how he feels. “Boozy part 1” shows one of the two possible outcomes of alcohol, sadness. A beautifully constructed and well distributed scheme of sound and, well it is not that sad as it is serene, at times maybe angry? The end of lines are round and full of depth and relief.

“Boozy part 2” is a happier version of part 1. Dave’s voice is still so serious and sombre, contrasting with the danceable melody of the drums, guitar and playful bass. It vaguely reminds of The Smiths’ “Charming Man”, at times! The breaks are clever, leaving space for the usually unnoticeable effects and melodies, which now exhibit themselves proudly.

Human Stain’s catchiness is not tiring and makes us remember the song easily. A song about a girl, or something a lot more important-one’s dealing with the self once stuck in love…

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