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Spent The Afternoon

Full Ugly / Bedroom Sucks Records
Featured: Week starting 19th May / Out to Lunch

It is clever to name oneself after its antonym. By modesty or humour, or simply indifference, Full Ugly ends up evoking attention with the imagery of their group name. Spent an Afternoon is a 10 track album recorded in 2011, before former band member Michael Carter left for New York. The album reaches those who like to take it easy during Australian winter days.

To befriend a couch in the back porch with mates, remain sited for the day, looking for ways to cool down. Full Ugly’s instrumentation is mellow and fittingly balances out the mundaneness of the lyrics. The beachy, breezy guitar melodies and the minimal drum accompaniment are the fellow friends on that couch. Nathan Burgess’ voice is special and is set loose, relaxed and perhaps influenced. He talks about tying up his shoes, being tired, driving around and hanging around, uselessly waiting…and it is lovely because no one talks about real life anymore.
The album is released under Brisbane label Bedroom Suck Records and distributed by Fire Records.

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