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Inkswel / This Thing
Featured: Week starting 3rd March / Full Frequency

After touring Europe in Autumn and releasing No More Suckas on Burek Records last January,  Australian-born Inkswel is now presenting StuffKidsLike EP on THIS THING records. You could notice influences of disco, funk, boogie and hip hop, along with a rhythm compelling Pop n’Lock dancers to a cypher.

Deep and heavy, steady drum work is what it is all based on. It is a structure of constant variations and slight build ups, which forbids us to foresee. Subtle ,jazzy bass and effected hi hats and snares in between the main drum work in “Aspartame” remind of UK’s favourite ‘broken beat’.  “Soda Stream” is exactly what poppin n’lockin is all about. A slow jam with delayed claps and a repetitive keys note, maintaining the dancers’ rhythm of joint contractions.

“Twinkies” features sultry songstress Bobbi Dahl, whose predatorous voice and lyrics perfectly marry with Inkswel’s  heavy drums and background melody.

The last “Nag Champion” is, and sounds like, a good-bye song. It whispers there is something more to look for and there will be no “retirement” for Inswel anytime soon.

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