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Sunbathing Animal

Parquet Courts / Rough Trade
Featured: Week starting 2nd June / Breakfast with Caitlin


Claimed as one of the albums to watch out for this year, Sunbathing Animal now serves as comparison to Light Up Gold, released 18 months ago and their EP expelled halfway in. Parquet Courts’ admirable productivity gave attention to the band’s working ethics, however opened million possibilities for useless criticism and sound judgments from “authentics”.

Mind as well follow the trend. It should be known that the title of Sunbathing Animal was inspired by Texas immigrant and frontman and guitarist Austin Brown’s cat sunbathing session outside his New York apartment. The hardcore punk tracks are longer than in their previous projects, which is apparently surprising and sense-fully exhilarating for this genre. Recorded in five sessions, the album is released on Rough Trade/Remote Control.

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