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The Future’s Void

EMA / Matador
Featured: Week starting 14th April / Drivetime

Ex Gowns member Erika M. Anderson has a story to tell. The title of her second solo album “The Future’s Void” speaks for itself. EMA dedicates it to the world’s decay, progressively overwhelmed by the superficiality of  the digital in all types of environment. Her lyrics speak of selfies, online posts and people’s anticipation of the number of likes they collect.

It judges the comfort one feels when connecting online comparing to natural face-to-face interaction. And this is only an example. It is then surprising when noticing the inclusion of the digital within the album’s conception.

Synths and 90’s style pedals are put at work while EMA’s thick, suicidal toned vocals are shifting in textures. Nevertheless, it remains that the strong lyrical work and EMA’s uniquely shaped voice leave us far from indifferent.

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