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To Be Kind

Swans / Mute/ Create Control
Featured: Week starting 12th May / Out to Lunch

Frightening, condemning life as pointless, vessels are noises and lyrics of despair and courageous tragedy, illustrations of babies’ caricatures on plain backgrounds. The imagery seems abstract, but what if it is not? To Be Kind is US Swans’ thirteen studio album. Most of the songs were created and already performed within the band’s last tour ending last October.

They were produced by Michael Gira and recorded at Sonic Ranch outside El Paso Texas. Mainly funded by Swan supporters, the album features guest appearances such as Julia Kent, Annie Clark and Bill Rieflin, who regularly contributes to Swans. The album is distributed on 2 CDS, counting approximately two hours of content. Prior to its’ release, the project has already been reviewed and evaluated at multiple occasions, receiving feedbacks such as “near perfection” -Anna Wilson.

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