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SBTRKT / Young Turks
Featured: Week starting 17th March / Full Frequency

Hidden behind a tribal mask, British electronic sound maker SBTRKT threw a surprise to his world fandom when dropping Transitions without any announcements. “Hold The Line” was released last month, introducing the flavours of the eventual mystery, which did not last for long.

In “Hold The Line”, one can notice slightly trap-like and precise synth lines and keys, however far from representing the simplicity and staticity of the genre. Submerged in a trance, dictated by the continuously rising echoed keys, it is impossible to rely on some sort of effortless constancy. The key melody misleads us while rising in a highly sophisticated manner, creating consequences only the producer could guide. The keys become glitterous, while effected rock-smashed percussions release nature from the above. There is a sharp high-pitched another story occurring on the left pan, as if the main instrumental was not complete enough. Additional echo-ed keys celebrate this everything.

“Kyoto” is a surrender, created by the junction of profound and serious background synths and   large, distorted whipping hi hats (or cymbals) which draw accent on the rhythm. The only raw and dry implementation is the snare, a precise, mature indicator which lets itself being vined by the rapid, colourful melody.

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