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Mountain Magic Band / Independent
Featured: Week starting 10th March / Golden Apples of the Sun / Posted

Melbourne based Brett Langsford, Danny McKenna, Joe Cope, Jack Monte, and Joe Talia are Magic Mountain Band. With their first album Wilderman, the band conducts their cinematic philosophy of music inspired by Australia’s landscape and nature. Translating this imagery through sound  is successful even without seeing “Tidal Surge”. There is a minimal presence of drums, just for the sake of rhythm, thus allowing space for multiple layers of melody and variations. Key synths and organs deepen and elevate our emotional involvement, not limiting our listening experience as simply “listening”.

“Tidal Surge” is narrating something beautiful, yet tragic in a sense. The calm, soft and profound background keys are progressively overtaken by a distorted, buzzing guitar sound which beautifully concludes this track. Similar is “Vaquero”, a slow, sensual ballad which wanders and initiates a multitude of reflections.

We get lost in “Lost to the Deep”‘s minimalism, drowning in the nostalgic feel of not having accomplished something we regret deeply. Or the total opposite…

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