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You Changed Me

Emma Rusack / Spunk
Featured: Week starting 31st March / Drivetime

Close to a year following Emma Rusack’s “Sound Of Our City“, she delivers another work called “You Changed Me” LP. Out on Spunk records, the album can be closely associated to a vocal diary, yet expressed in a less intimate yet rather sharp manner.

Within this LP, Emma is longing for the countryside, for the daily family dinners and drinking by the fire. She is as well concerned with love, regrets and loneliness which she fears. Grief is apparent within the thickness of her voice, reminding of the burdens of womanhood.

Aside from the powerful, ultra-personal lyrics, her voice is backed by a simplistic, yet gentle and complimenting instrumental work. It is only in “Women”, where one finally hears the words “You Changed Me”. Its’ production reaches full capacity as vibrant, melodic flute, keys, and a harmony of voices created by the high-pitched back vocals, somehow thinner Rusack’s voice and lessen the grief felt within the rest of the LP.

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