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Adam Trainer

Adam Trainer

Presenting: Posted

I was fortunate enough to be RTRFM’s music director between 2010 and early 2014. I’m also a musician, writer and academic, so I’m usually in some form either writing, playing, talking about or thinking about music. Music is a huge part of my life and I’m very fortunate to be able to share it with people via RTRFM.

How did you become involved?

First became involved in the station in around 2005 when I was yet another local musician being interviewed about my music. Shortly thereafter I began helping out on the Posted program, which led to the occasional Out to Lunch and Drivetime slot. In 2010 I took over as Music Director, which was a role I relished for almost four years. Seriously – it was the coolest job I’ll ever have. Now I hang out on air occasionally, playing weird stuff on Posted.

If stuck on Mars, what five albums could you not go without?

  • Can – Tago Mago
  • Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda
  • Smog – Knock Knock
  • David Bowie – Low
  • Bark Psychosis – Hex

What is the best thing about being involved with the station?

Being part of a community is a really wonderful thing, and the RTRFM community is really important for many reasons and on many levels – there’s the connection between staff and presenters, between the listenership, and also the great feeling of being part of the broader Perth arts and cultural scene. I have met and connected with so many incredible people through my involvement with the station, and those connections are lasting and meaningful.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you in the RTRFM studio?

I wasn’t in the studio, but there was one occasion when then-Breakfast presenter Peter Barr was due to receive a phone call from a semi-famous musician who was in town at the time. The call never came through, so I called the studio pretending to be their cousin. Pete thought it would be a good idea to put me to air.

If you could present a show that is not your own, which show would it be? Why?

I’m not sure that I could ever do it justice, but I’m a huge fan of Underground Solution – their dedication to cutting edge electronic music is incredibly inspiring and the selections from the crew who present it are so deep and imbued with incredible passion, knowledge and innate understanding of the music.

What do you do in real life?

Numerous things – write, make music, work on research projects, drink more beer than I should, ride my bike less than I should and make a pretty great vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese.

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