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Andrew Ryan

Presenting: Out to Lunch

How did you become involved in the station?

I was lured by the great music and the sense that people were able to speak on air with a presumption that the audience is intelligent and interested in new local and international musical and social goings on.

If stuck on Mars, what five albums could you not go without?

  • Do Make Say Think – & Yet & Yet
  • To Rococo Rot – Hotel Morgan
  • Papa M – Live in a Shark Cage
  • Tied and Tickled Trio – Observing Systems
  • Rechenzentrum – Directors Cut

That’s right, extremely serious beautiful instrumental music on Mars is the only way for me!

What is the best thing about being involved in the station?

Being involved with something that is open to all to contribute to, be it type of – music, views, broadcast, personality. More to the point perhaps is being involved with something that borders on righteousness and centres around independence. I fucking love RTRFM.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you at RTRFM?

Sometimes making complete sense to others in relation to things I might say or tunes I might play feels great but I guess that isn’t the strangest. A highlight as those are synonymous with strange to me, was when a woman called up ecstatic about the fact that the tune I was playing was completely i time with her windscreen wipers.

If you could present a show other than your own, which would it be and why?

Ambient Zone as I would like to feel like a loving great leader making all listening feel the superior musical waves of modern ambient music. Love that show.

What do you do in real life?

Fortunately I have successfully avoided real life for sometime now. This has only been made possible by the amazingly tolerant people in my life. I further live original music in Perth through venue programming and marketing but that sounds more professional and boring than it really is.

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