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I am a long time listener to RTRfm , and it was my pleasure as a listener that led to my involvement in Drastic on Plastic when it was first broadcast In 1983. At the time, women were shouting, strumming and singing about the constraints and inequities of the music industry: Drastic on Plastic was committed to redressing the balance.  RTRfm continues to recognize music made by women, and Drastic on Plastic continues to bring us the pleasures of women’s music across all times, all genres and all places. As for me, I keep playing music and I keep listening to RTRfm to hear music full of surprises. I would tell you about my favourite albums or genres of music, but these change with every RTR program I hear. This is a necessary health regime to combat ageing of the ears. I recommend RTRFM as the best anti-ageing formula available.

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