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Wednesday 26th March / posted by RTR

Science Fiction on Behind the Mirror!

Tonight from 11pm, with the help of their droid-mechanic Klervax GR-9, Renfield and The Black Captian perform extensive modifications to their VW beetle, fitting it out with space-ray deflecting kevlar, bacterio-pod launching cannons, and a post-mix system which feeds directly into the spinal column of the driver via a 3.5 cm jack which penetrates upwards through the coccyx. Once airborne, they will keep a firm trajectory for the Ikhnaton galaxy, some 7.8 zillion light years away, taking them through the lair of the winged acrachno-mammoths, the planet of the holographic Koi people, the space-jungles of Bap-Bap Shaboobie, the Beetlejuice-orbiting swarms of howling glue-ghosts, and, finally, to their destination, the yolk of the cosmic-egg, which they plan to electrify with unsafe toasters, in order to observe the inevitable dissolution of the entire universe. Do not get in their path or you will be shot at with Dengue-laden yoghurt lasers. Only on RTRfm 92.1



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