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11pm-1am Mondays

Progressive, boundary-pushing, experimental raps,  blissed-out, heartbreaking futuristic R’n’B beats and intriguing nightclub constructions. In light of the blurring boundaries between the underground and mainstream, this is a show that embraces the increasing synonymity of our real lives and our internet lives. Cloud Waves focuses on the weird and bizarre places rap is going. Cloud Waves features self-made talent and street hustlers getting broken in on mediums like Youtube and Soundcloud and showcases sub trends and emerging genres from regions such as Chicago,

DC, the Bay Area, and Atlanta. Cloud Waves gives airtime to the progressive production surfacing in tracks on free mixtapes, as well as deeper cuts from major releases.
Utilising their shared network of music connections and never-ending interest in new music, the Cloud Waves crew will lay you down, and teach you how to cloud-watch, until you start seeing those perfect skies.Equally as enjoyable to listen to if you’re flying high or laying low. Complex sounds to get wild and wavy to in your crib, car or club.

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