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Lusophone Beats (Past Show)

Presented by: Paulo Forjaz Ana Rita Sequeira Sara Martins Jose Neves Kiko Rego Hugo Jorge

12am-2am Friday

New urban and traditional beats from the Portuguese-speaking countries around the world, rarely heard by Australian listeners. From the vibrant Mozambican marrabenta (Mingas, Dilon Djindji) to Cape Verde morna (Cesária Évora); and from Brazilian samba to Angolan kuduro and hip hop sprawling on the streets of Luanda. Bask in the unique sounds of the Portuguese guitar and the introspective voices of fado (Camané, Marisa), but also

the new electronic dance music in the African ghettos of Lisbon (Buraka Som Sistema, Riot, Branko). Journey through diverse musical latitudes from the world’s Lusophone communities: Portugal, East Timor, Brazil and all the Portuguese-speaking African countries – Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe. Lusophone Beats will take you on a new and contagious musical journey well off the beaten track.

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