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Presented by: Aaron Main

11am-12pm Fridays

Revolver is an ever-changing smorgasbord of broadcast delights, ranging from eclectic music programming to specialist talk shows, with new hosts each month.

Past programs:

March 2016: The Midnight Special with Tristan Fidler
April: Gutters & the Streets with Adam Christou
May: 3rd Culture with Richard Maganga & Cat Paz
June: Derailroaded with Ben Yaxley
July: Lumpy Gravy with Adam Fox
August: The Midnight Special with Tristan Fidler
September: Let’s Talk About It with Xanthea O’Connor
October: Goodnight & Good Riddance with Dennis Gedling
November: In Love With These Times with Nelson Clegg
December: Butterfly Museum with Michael Terren
January 2017: Mixing in the Pink with Roscoe Holyoake
February 2017: Love Songs on the Radio with Mike Tucak

March 2017: Identity Dream with Coel Healy
April 2017: 40 Love with Kane Sutton


Liminal Space with Aaron Main

This program is designed to showcase the emerging wave and chiptune scene locally, nationally and internationally. There has been a recent global surge in these multi-faceted fringe electronic genres which feature the creative adaptation, reinvention and extension of analogue and digital sounds which span the breadth of sublime synthesized soundscapes through to hardcore 8-bit nostalgia.


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