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A New Look at Gallipoli

Thursday 16th April / posted by Kylie Sturgess

As ANZAC Day approaches, a new TV mini series set to debut on FOXTEL takes a slightly different look at the Gallipoli legend.

Deadline Gallipoli is the powerful true story of four war correspondents whose job it was to report on the events that unfold on the shores of Galipoli in 1915.

The first truly embedded war correspondents; it was their defience that ignited change in the course of the campaign and whose commitment to the stories of the men turned a strategic failure into a triumph of the human spirit.

The series stars actors Sam Worthington, Hugh Dancy and Charles Dance, as well as recent NIDA graduate Joel Jackson in the pivotal role of Australian Journalist Charles Bean.

RTRfm’s Luke Pegrum sat down with Jackson, and began by asking how a boy from Karatha ended up in a role like this.


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