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Autonomous Weapons Spark Concern

Monday 3rd August / posted by Chris Wheeldon

Artificial intelligence technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade.

Technology has now evolved to the autonomous stage. Homes have vacuum cleaners that can clean without instruction, cars can drive themselves, and drones equipped with cameras will take our picture without us having to push any buttons.

But there are some major concerns regarding this technology.

If these machines can think for themselves then are we – as human beings – absolved of responsibility for the actions of these machines?

Scientists are particularly concerned that this technology will be used in modern warfare and autonomous weapons systems could drive – what is being called – a third revolution in warfare.

RTRFM’s Cameron McAloon spoke to Dr. Michael Harre, a Professor in complex systems at the University of Sydney, to get an idea of just how much humanity we are putting into these machines.

He started by asking him just how we can go about getting a machine to understand emotion.

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