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Understorey: Caretaking Roe

Wednesday 1st March / posted by Elizabeth PO’ Adrian Glamorgan

With the state government in “caretaker mode”, what can be done about allegations of Roe 8 environmental breaches and questions about the absence of a business case?  A snap Senate Inquiry might be a possibility.  While a few parties have declined the invitation, Understorey brings you some of the evidence provided by Beeliar supporter groups’ witnesses to the Senate Committee, and – in a busy week – also made it along to Sunday’s “We Deserve Better” Roe 8 rally in Fremantle.

We hear the mellifluous Peter Holland, as well as absorb Alannah MacTiernan’s account of a $2 billion UFO budget item, Senator Scott Ludlam’s promise to make good the felled 400 year trees, and Conservation Council Director Piers Verstegen’s call for a royal commission: Caretaking Roe.

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