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Feeling the Pressure

Friday 17th March / posted by RTR

Artists apply pressure daily. To a canvas, a page, the strings on their guitar, the keys on their piano, their vocal chords, to themselves.

After the girls at the Sad Girls Collective spent a while figuring out what pressure is and means, they decided it was time they came together to celebrate some of Perth’s loveliest and imaginative creative talent.

Pressure is a showcase featuring a visual art exhibition, live poetry readings and music, a mini artist’s marketplace and more.

Poet Melissa Clements and representative of the collective, Leni Battalis joined Artbeat to discuss the concept of pressure.

Zal Kanga-Parabia, aka. Ru, and Wayan Bili Ondana also dropped by to play a tune.

Play Pressure

All live musical performances are included in our podcasts with the express permission of artists, who reserve all other rights in their music. All music used in our podcasts is licensed under an APRA Community Broadcasting license agreement.

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