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Ice in Perth

Monday 29th June / posted by Chris Wheeldon

Meth, ice, rock. These are just some of the names for Methamphetamine.It’s known as a stimulant drug because it gives the user a quick high, by activating what is known as the “pleasure system’ of the brain.

However, it will eventually deplete the brain’s dopamine stores, leaving the user depressed.

RTRFM’s Alice Foote spoke to head of Fiona Stanley Hospital’s Emergency Department Mark Monoghan, a local medic Luke Hayes, National Drug Research Institute’s associate researcher James Fetherston, and a previous methamphetamine user and dealer using the alias Steve for the purpose of this interview.

If you need help quitting meth call community drug and alcohol service Palmerston on (08) 9328 7355.

If you’re feeling depressed or just need someone to talk to, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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