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The Battle For Broadband

Wednesday 2nd October / posted by Rewi Lyall Daniel Cleary Chris Wheeldon

The National Broadband Network continues to be a major talking point in the fallout of the federal election.

The coalition has announced a strategic review into the company behind it, which will put on hold its commitment to connect around 900 000 premises to high-speed internet access within a year.

CommunicationsMinister Malcolm Turnbull and Finance Minister Matthias Cormann have issued an interim statement of expectations to NBN Co – Mr Turnbull says the basic direction of the statement is to deliver an NBN ‘sooner, and at less cost to taxpayers.’

He says rolling out fibre-to-the-premises across the nation would be ideal, but is simply unrealistic given the costs involved.

He argues that fibre-to-the-node represents a much more achievable and cost effective solution for the NBN.

Labor politician and former parliamentary secretary for broadband Ed Husic says the nation can’t afford ‘half-hearted broadband.’

He argues that the coalition’s policy treats the internet as a ‘plaything,’ rather than an economic essential.

Chris Wheeldon spoke with Ed Husic and asked whether he would retain his position in the shadow ministry.


Paul Fletcher is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications.

Morning Magazine’s Rewi Lyall spoke with Mr. Fletcher to discuss the upcoming review of NBN Co., and what its implications might be for the future of the National Broadband Network.

Rewi started by asking Mr. Fletcher who would be involved in the review of NBN Co.

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