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Neon Picnic: 40 Years of RTRFM

Monday 3rd April / posted by Claire Hodgson Justine Dandy Dart Caitlin Nienaber Mark Neal Meri Fatin Jonny Hopper Peter Barr

If you want to re-live Neon Picnic, you can do via our re-stream system.

Play Neon Picnic – 9am – 11am with Caitlin Nienaber and Peter Barr

9:05am: Founding member and Noongar Elder Barry McGuire joined us for a traditional Welcome to Country and a discussion about RTRFM’s place.

9:15am: New City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole joined us to talk all things RTRFM and the City of Vincent.

9:30am: New Minister for the Arts David Templeman loves the arts and wants them to thrive.

9:45am: Local musician Abbe May has been around the RTRFM traps for years. She popped in to chat about the importance of the station in her career.

10:15am: Former Chair of the RTRFM Board and regular Science Broadcaster joined us to chat about the station 15 years ago.

10:30am: Pete Jeavons and Gabriel Fatin were the first musical act of the day with some smooth jazz

Play Neon Picnic – 11am – 1pm with Mark Neal and Claire Hodgson

11:03am: The man the myth the legend, Ross Chisholm joined us to chat about local music and his 30 plus year time at RTRFM.

11:15am: Anita Bennetts joined us as a former board member and producer at the station.

11:30am: The Bank Holidays returned for one day only as they played us some wonderful pop music.

12:00pm: The man who made the Full Frequency theme and someone who has been around the traps of the station forever, Bobby Fletcher joined us.

12:15pm: Renfield aka Adam Lovkis was a founding member of those shows that head towards the heavier side of the musical spectrum.

12:30pm: Simone and Girlfunkle serenaded us with their beautiful tunes.

Play Neon Picnic – 11am – 1pm with Mark Neal and Claire Hodgson

1:03pm: A founding member of the Full Freq team, Saxon joined us for a chat.

1:15pm: One of the first presenters of Drastic on Plastic, Jane Armstrong chatted all things women in music and RTRFM.

1:30pm: Having been around forever, Turnstyle Lite joined us for a tune.

2:00pm: The General enough said.

2:30pm: Mathas and Mates loves his mates and we love him.

Play Neon Picnic – 3pm – 5pm with Justine Dandy and Jonny Hopper

3:10pm: They are one of WA’s greatest musical exports and they joined us for Neon Picnic, The Triffids.

3:30pm: Founding member of Black and Blue, Paul Gamblin joined us for a chat.

4:00pm: Having played all Neon Picnic previous, Errol H Tout joined us for his fifth.

4:20pm: Having been at the coal face of making sure the station stayed on air in the late 1980’s Jerry Packington has some great stories.

4:30pm; Rounding off the day is the future with Verge Collection.


All live musical performances are included in our podcasts with the express permission of artists, who reserve all other rights in their music. All music used in our podcasts is licensed under an APRA Community Broadcasting license agreement.

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