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Politics vs. Wikileaks vs. The Greens

Tuesday 27th August / posted by Karun Cowper

Last week RTRFM’s activist program indymedia struck a major coup when they spoke to Wikileaks founder and king of the whistleblowers Julian Assange from his Ecuadorian Embassy hideaway in the centre of London.

Throughout the subsequent week, Assange was assailed by journalists asking him about the Wikileaks Party’s unusual and unexpected preferencing in the forthcoming Federal Senate Election.

The man at the centre of this controversy is lead Senate candidate for Wikileaks in Western Australia Gerry Georgatos, and the man who may lose his seat on the back of Georgatos’ preferences, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

Alex Whisson and Karun Cowper spoke to them both.Play Wikileaks

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