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Stories from the Big Apple

Tuesday 12th March / posted by Daniel Cleary

Cities have long inspired photography’s legends; the hard lines and the smog, the respite offered by natural elements, the flashy neon nightlife, the dark and seedy back alleys and of course, the city dwellers themselves – they all provide great subjects.

New York City has produced some of the greatest including Henri Cartier-Bresson and Cindy Sherman, and their works can be viewed at the Picturing New York exhibit at the WA Art Gallery.

It presents that city in all its glory and asks us some big questions.

In a time where more and more is digitalised, is photography something to be preserved and treasured?

So how is technology changing photography, and what have we learnt from those who manage to capture the essence of a city as diverse as New York?

Some artists are discussing these and other questions at the Gallery tomorrow night – ahead of that AGWA Curator of Modern and Contemporary Photography and Design, Robert Cook phoned in with Daniel Cleary.

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