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The Land That Time Forgot: Fringe Edition

Tuesday 17th January / posted by Caitlin Nienaber

Tuesday morning just after seven o’clock is the home of Perth music history on Breakfast every week.

Usually RTRFM’s Ross Chisholm revs up the wayback machine but for our first edition of The Land That Time Forgot this year we’re doing something different.

We’re going on a tour of this city’s musical heritage in the back of a van with a couple of crazy ladies.

Soul queen Randa Khamis and co-conspirator Monique Boucher from Hidden DeTours are back with A Hidden Music Tour of Perth for Fringe World.

And their taking us in their van for a little bit of a tour.

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All live musical performances are included in our podcasts with the express permission of artists, who reserve all other rights in their music. All music used in our podcasts is licensed under an APRA Community Broadcasting license agreement.

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