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RTRFM is a community radio station broadcasting in Perth, Western Australia.

As the sound alternative, RTRFM focuses its attention on independent artists — music that’s local, underground, obscure, boundary-pushing and otherwise unheard. We seek out music that is innovative, progressive and experimental, as well as sourcing music from independent labels and unsigned artists.

RTRFM does not play music that is commercially-oriented in nature – music that is produced for and marketed towards a mainstream audience. RTRFM focuses on the alternative viewpoint for arts, culture, music and current affairs with a focus on WA arts and music. RTRFM is a non-profit, membership-based organisation.

Programming Committee

The board of RTRFM appoints a Programming Committee to oversee the quality of broadcasting on the station, provide mentorship and feedback to programs and make recommendations on the commissioning of new programs.

Annual Review

Each year the Programming Committee calls for new program submissions from existing members and the general public who are interested in entering the world of community broadcasting. The committee also reviews the timetable of programs at the station and makes recommendations on changes to the program grid.

RTRFM is a popular station that currently has a full quota of programs broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of the programs on the station have a long history; some have been on air for over 30 years.   Getting a new program on air at RTRFM is a challenging task, as usually an old program must be displaced to make way for the new.

RTRFM is investigating new ways to broadcast content, including podcasting. As such, any suggestions that do not make it to the final grid may work as a program to be broadcast through these other means.

Essentially, it is the idea that matters! We can determine the most appropriate format for the show, be it a 2 hour program on the grid, a podcast, a segment nestled within another show, etc.

In putting together a proposal, applicants are encouraged to discuss their idea with the General Manager or Music Director, consider if a similar program already exists, and consider if the proposed program fits into the overall alternative music, arts and culture focus of the station.

 Creating radio is a significant undertaking, new presenters must be prepared to undertake broadcast training and be able to dedicate several hours each week to on air presentation and preparation.

If you have submitted in the past then please feel free to re-submit and/or refine an earlier submission. It is always good to get the freshest possible take on program submissions and those putting them in.

2017 Timeline

Submission due: December 1 2017

Final decisions announced: First Quarter of 2018

Programs commence: First Quarter of 2018

Download a copy of the New Program Submission form here.

Submit your application to General Manager, Stu MacLeod at