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Abdul-Rahman Abdullah | Che Dunbar


Abdul-Rahman Abdullah – Visual Artist

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (b. 1977) is a West Australian artist whose practice explores the different ways that memory can inhabit and emerge from familial space. Working primarily in sculpture and installation, Abdullah draws on passages of personal history, articulating formative experiences of individual identity within the broader scope of family. Expanding on the narrative capacity of animal archetypes, crafted objects and the human presence, his work is intended to create a physical dialogue between the natural world and the agency of culture. While his own experiences as a Muslim Australian of mixed cultural heritage provide a starting point, Abdullah negotiates shared understandings of individual identity, new mythologies and marginalised social outlooks in a multicultural context.

Che Dunbar – Participant

My name is Che, I was born and raised in Western Australia and studied and completed my education at South Fremantle Senior High school as a Marine student, I am of Jamaican English and Australian descent so I am involved in many different family and friend groups all through out Perth.

By being involved in this project, I hope to develop my voice and communication skills in a new field of work. By getting a deeper understanding of what it could be like to work in photography and radio, I hope to accomplish this.

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