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  • Stuart MacLeod

    General Manager


    I’m a father, a husband, a musician, a lover of music, a Dockers fan and the General Manager of this unique and incredible community.

    I like to kick the footy, play music, cook and eat good, sustainable food and ogle at 50’s and 60’s era cars that I cannot afford.

  • Will Backler

    Music Coordinator/ Music Interviews & Program Manager Coordinator


    I have been presenting at the station since late 2014 which greatly enhanced my pre-existing passion for sharing diverse new music I discover with anyone and everyone around me – taking up my role as Music Coordinator has pushed this obsession into hyper-drive!

    If I’m not in the RTRFM office or studio, you’ll probably find me working on my own music, recording and mixing bands, DJing all over the city or doing some “industry research” (aka enjoying myself at a gig).

    Will is the person to talk to if you want to show us your new music or come in for a chat.

  • rtrfm drivetime taylah strano

    Taylah Strano

    Breakfast Presenter/ Producer


    Coming September 3rd

  • Danae Gibson

    Talks Producer


    Danae takes care of The Mag and Artbeat. She loves a good game of footy and a political conversation.

  • Chris Wheeldon

    Chris Wheeldon

    Operations, Events & Volunteer Manager


    Chris has been hanging around the halls of RTRFM for sometime. A once Office Volunteer, Chris is now the stations Operations and Volunteer Manager. He makes sure things get done while maintaining a sense of calm. When the pens run out, Chris is on it. When the studio stops working, Chris gives it a go and when Pete’s ego needs massaging Chris tells him to toughen up. Chris presents Homegrown on the station and is Jonny on the spot when someone doesn’t arrive for a show.

    Chris looks after all the Volunteers that come through the station, produces the Youth News Project. If you want to be involved in any of these drop him a line.

  • Eddie Curtis

    Production Manager


    I joined the station as a presenter in 2013 and took over the role of production manager in early 2018.

    I’m a big synth nerd and outside of the station I spend my time DJing around town and producing my own music.

  • Dani Dixon

    Dani Dixon

    Development Manager


  • Liana Kelly

    Liana Kelly

    Development Manager


  • Sarah Tout

    Head of Training


    I’ve learnt so much volunteering at RTRFM that it’s my turn to pass it on. When i’m not hunting around for new music, or on the air myself, I’m running training sessions for would-be RTR presenters and people who want to learn more about radio, as well as skill sessions for our existing members to continue to develop and improve.

    I organise and deliver the training, along with some very fine help from RTRFM staff and volunteers.

    RTRFM is proud to work alongside organisations like the CMTO and YACWA to deliver workshops for our volunteers and the wider community. It’s a pretty great job!

  • Stan Fotinos

    Broadcast Technician


    Stan Fotinos has a passion for sound and making things work which is what made him get into radio broadcasting.

    He started work in commercial radio and landed on the doorstep of RTRFM some years ago. Stan’s job is to fix things when they go wrong, and loves nothing more than being called by presenters at 1am to change the studio light globe!