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Andrew Christie | Tom Allen

Andrew Christie

Andrew Christie (b. 1978) is an Australian artist whose practice explores the different ways that objects can inhabit and contribute to familial space. Growing up as the son of a woodworker and teacher combined with his arts training has formed both his business venture, A Good Looking Man, and his arts practice.

A Good Looking Man is the result of the merging of his parent’s woodworking and teaching backgrounds in to something he is passionate about: people making things. This translates in to workshops and community lead endeavours.

His artistic practice orbits around creating tools, objects and routines for life events that most people will be touched by which may not have relevant tools and processes attributed to them.

Tom Allen – Participant

I am very interested in the world of creativity in art and media. I attend Comet Bay College and I am doing an ATAR pathway, for which I love doing media production and creative industries. I’ve always wanted to expand my knowledge in the creative industry, to use my creativity in ways that aren’t limited by guidelines. My creativity mainly lies in photography, music, media and the imagination. I love taking unique photos that can only be taken if they have meaning to me or someone else. I am only really passionate about something if I am inspired by it. The inspiration I receive from music, photography and the arts in general pushes me forwards and it would be a dream to pursue this passion. My photography is normally abstract, landscape and night. I also enjoy photographing animal life and its beauty.

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