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56 Hope Road

Years Active 2015-present

Genre Reggae, Roots, Rock

Members Ruru Cook (Guitar/Vocals) Brad Sinclair (Bass) Sammy J Coleman (Drums/Vocals) Marley Donnan-Cook (Keys) Byron Sigrano (Sax)

Describe Your Sound

Dub and reggae foundations with the diverse influences of each member taking the music in myriad directions.



Brad Sinclair


Christmas day 2014 jam with Ru, Marley and Sammy playing Bob Marley covers and improv. The instant realisation that they needed to form a band of that nature. Brad has played with Ru before in local folk 3-piece "Apostrophe Nowhere" and Gary brought the horns when the boys came-a-calling


Too many to name among the 5 members - naming the standards in the genre might seem limiting

Shared Bills With

Sunshine Brothers, Weapon is Sound, Manaaki, KBI Sound System

Career Highlights

First gig was headlining a full Mojos on a Thursday night

Freo Arts Centre New Years Day - in just our second show

Weekly Rosemount beer garden Saturday afternoon residence

Things moved really quickly after sending our track Firebreather to a couple of local bookers

Current Activity

Gigging and continuing to write and rehearse more material. Saving the pennies to record again

Shared Members With

Apostrophe Nowhere, Closet Panic Sniveller, Pressurepoint, Rupert Crook and the Sisters of Confusion

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