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Yomi Ship

Years Active 2016 - Present

Genre Experimental, Electronic, Rock

Members Jarred Osborne - Guitar Jade Champion - Bass Nick Osborne - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Yomi Ship is Progressive Psychedelic/Space Rock 3 piece instrumental band from Perth, formed mid 2016. Think Pink Floyd meets Mars Volta.

Yomi Ship abandon the concise verse-chorus-verse patterns of rock, and move towards fluid, free-form oriented song structures emphasizing spontaneous emotions over calculated and estimated compositional constructions.



Jarred Osborne, Andrew Ryan (bookings)


Nick and I, being brothers, would always jam at home after our previous band had ended. After jamming and realizing we wanted to take a more experimental turn, we decided to try and make something out of it. We met Jade at a show with our previous band Splinta, and she introduced herself as a bass player and that if we ever needed a bass player for anything she would be keen, so we decided to keep in contact with her. We invited her around a year later for a jam with me and Nick and it just clicked. We've been a band since.


Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, The Mars Volta, Do Make Say Think, Chon, Tool, Pink Floyd, Mudlark, Covet, Koi Child, Kashikoi.

Career Highlights

Being a part of the Blowfly's Ball at The Fly By Night Club. That was probably the biggest highlight so far of our career, followed by a support slot for Canadian band The Franklin Electric.

Current Activity

About to go into recording at Studio Sleepwalkers Dread to get an EP out for everyone, and to share some new and improved music.

Shared Members With

Young Robin, Splinta, Dirtwater Bloom, Hachi, Kyle Bonser Band, sundström,

Research conducted by: Jarred Osborne

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