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Acid County

Years Active 1995-97, 2015-16

Genre Rock, Indie

Members Rick Mason, Rob Findlay, Justine Thornley, Roberto Binelli

Describe Your Sound

Dark, swampy, primal bluesbeat and shuddering, ancient jazz collide with Spenglerian imagery of cyclical decay, eros, thanatos, mass media andas yet unknown technologies. Acid County traverse surreal landscapes reminiscent of Lynch, J.G.Ballard and H.P. Lovecraft via the wrecking yards of 20th century post modernism powered by electric rock.



Rick Mason


Started as a drinking band.


Creedence Clearwater Revival, Scientists, Sonic Youth, Loop

Shared Bills With

Cruel Sea, Rosemary Beads

Career Highlights

Current Activity

Gigging and recording.

Shared Members With

The Neptunes

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