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Adora Heights

Years Active 2013 to present

Genre Punk/Hardcore, Metal, Electronic

Members Toby Appleton-Smith (vocals), Nic Johnson (drums, vocals), Hayden Boyd Davies (synth, keys), Jordan Hill (guitar), James 'Peach' Russel (guitar), Callum Kemp (bass)

Describe Your Sound

Guitars and drums rooted in hardcore with modern post-hardcore influences. We are creating a new sound with our vocals, where we go from rather brutal vocals to a smooth melodic sound. Defying the typical conventions of the genre Adora Heights provides a new perspective on the post-hardcore sound with intricate and catchy synth hooks.



We all formed based around Nic, I did guest vocals for the band El Capitan and enjoyed my vocals so he asked me to be in his new band. Peach was found from Jordan just being mutual friends with him, Nic went to TAFE with Jordan, Nic and Callum used to be in a punk band (Waynewright) and Hayden was found from a internet site advertising for band members.


Toby - Eleventh He Reaches London (Cousins Band), Make Them Suffer, Paradise In Exile, Lynda Smyth, El Capitan, Finders. Nic - The Milkshake Strategy, Vice versa, Only hope, We Are The Emergency. Hayden - Dropbears, In League, Finders, Cupidfalls. Callum - El Capitan, Reflections of Ruin, The Decline & We Are The Emergency. Jordan - All influences are outside of Australia except Parkway Drive & The Amity Affliction. Peach - Parkway Drive, Amity Affliction, Pantera

Shared Bills With

Our first show, we will be sharing the bill with: This Fiasco; I, Said the Sparrow; Cupidfalls; Finders; To Catch a Fox; Calm, Collected.

Career Highlights

The feedback from friends and family is amazing; getting the simple nod of a head when someone is watching us is the best feeling. We are yet to perform but hopefully our first show will be the biggest highlight for us.

Current Activity

We are up to recording our first single.

Releases by Adora Heights

We unfortunately haven't recorded yet, but should have a single up within a month