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Years Active 2014-

Genre Rock, Indie

Members Nicolas Cullen-Lucas-Vocals/Guitar Hayden Ryan-Drums Max Rankine-Bass

Describe Your Sound

We play our music loud, we play surf/grunge tunes which can only be appreciated loud.



Max Rankine


The three of us have known eachother since 2011 and have been in bands together since then, Alleyway in our current lineup formed as a result of our singer being taken out of our original group as our style was "Wrecking his voice", needless to say Nic stepped up which worked out and sounded better.


Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, R.H.C.P, Tame Impala, Psychedelic Porn, Crumpets, The Love Junkies, Tool, Nirvana, Jack White

Career Highlights

Being able to record and master our own original song during year 11.

Current Activity

We are currently collaborating and trying to raise funds to record an E.P

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Releases by Alleyway

Till The Moons Collide