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Years Active 1999 - 2009

Genre Electronic

Members Andy Hill, Sam Cutri, Marni Fitzgerald, Matt George, Mark Ralph, Brendan Giambazi, Damian Giambazi, Colby Watkiss, Jono Choy, Tim Ruse, David F. Bower, Jeff Bullen, Vanessa Mazza, MC Orsini

Describe Your Sound

Anything Go’s Electronica



Andy Hill


In a house somewhere on the edge of the universe.


Rhibosome/Audio Response Group/Waterslide

Shared Bills With

Prodigy, Simian Mobile Disco, Hot Chip, Masters at Work, Nicky, Bomba, Waterslide, Brash & Sassy, Thomas Ford, Audio Response, Group and many, many more....

Career Highlights

Big Day Out Boiler Room 2009, Vibes On A summers Day 2003

Current Activity

The 'Band' is on a long hiatus.

Shared Members With

Waterslide/Fascist Fair Go Party - David F. Bower Fascist Fair Go Party _ Vanessa Mazza Dystonia/Domination Theory - Damian Giambazi Domination Theory/Day of the Dead - Brendan Giambazi Domination Theory/ARG - MC Orsini Halogen - Jeff Bullen Freak Radicals - Tim Ruse (De la Ruse) NTT/Beatnik Beats/Mama says yes! - Sam Cutri Scratch Foundation - Matt George (Trifle) Oats Supply - Mark Ralph

Releases by Ambidexter

The Brave EP



Ambidexter 'Self Titled'


Nefarious Music/Creative Vibes

WAMI Compilations 2002/2003/2008