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Anemone Flesh

Years Active 2013-present

Genre Rock, Experimental, Folk

Members (Current) James Kelly, Michael Naidos, (past) James Galante, Slam Kidman

Describe Your Sound

Anemone Flesh cover a large spectrum whilst still keeping a unified sound. Our philosophy to rock and psychedelic music is an interpretation of the current counterculture, trying to give it a voice. The sound of the socialites and the recluses that make it up.
A few genres may be labeled as could be Psychedelia, Folk-Rock or Gutter Rock.



James Kelly


Getting along as people and seeing if it works the same musically


The Sleepy Jackson have always been one of my favourites

Shared Bills With

Rag 'n Bone, Kucka

Career Highlights

Almost got an EP finished.. so that will be a highlight

Current Activity

Finishing off an EP