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Ants & Ostriches

Years Active 2018

Genre Experimental, Folk, Electronic

Members Cory Foss

Describe Your Sound

Experimental folk techno fusion.



Cory Foss


Ants and Ostriches is a solo musical project formed in Saint Paul MN. Founded by Cory Foss in July 2018 after encouragement from friends to make his music available to a larger audience. Inspired by the approach Donald Glover created his Childish Gambino stage name using a Wu-Tang Clan's name generator, the title Ants and Ostriches is a mashup of a few generated band names.


Pink Floyd Cold Play KMFDM Bob Moses Enya Ministry

Career Highlights

Ants & Ostriches intent is to freely share music. Through the official website, and music is free to download. Any proceeds obtained through donations or other pay channels, like iTunes, are donated to the Alzheimer's Association. Most songs (except, Hausen and Transition Twelve) are under creative commons licensing. Anyone is free to redistribute in any form or format.

Current Activity

Currently working on the next full album.

Shared Members With

Former member of North Central Trilane and The ISMS out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA.

Releases by Ants & Ostriches

Wait EP


Losing Time