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Apollo Zen

Years Active 2013-2019

Genre Punk/Hardcore, Rock, Indie

Members Jared Crowe, Brock Smith, Andrew Maxwell, Riley Walpole, Liam Young Past members: Dylan Crowe Dan Merdzan

Describe Your Sound

Heavier/more aggressive post-punk with elements of hardcore.



Jared and Brock met in early high school and bonded over both being into certain punk bands of the time. We stayed friends through high school and eventually made Apollo Zen after we graduated, which started off with a slowish/rock-influenced hardcore sound. Dylan (Jared's little brother) joined, and was followed by Andrew and Riley who we met through other hardcore bands and going to shows. Over the years our tastes/interests changed quite a bit which probably explains the change of musical direction. Dylan left in 2018 and was replaced by Liam, who we've known for years through shows as well. And now here we are...


The Fall, Killing Joke, Wire, Creative Adult, Self Defense Family, some hardcore (probably)

Career Highlights

Playing the 2017 Lair festival in Melbourne and the 2018 RTRFM Distant Murmurs festival.

Current Activity

We have just released two new songs. We are currently writing another EP that we plan on releasing before the end of the year.

Shared Members With

The Others Skullcave Puck Miles Away The Chain Mindless Vanity

Releases by Apollo Zen


Enlighten Me B/W When I Don't (EP)



You (EP)

Second Guess records