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Apollo’s Son

Years Active 2013 (Recording) 2014 (Band)

Genre Rock, Electronic, Experimental

Members Beau Jones - Vox/Guitar Liam Gillespie - Guitar Javan Gorham - Bass/Synth Andy Griffiths - Drums Chris Young - Keys/Synth Past Troy Stockley - Synth

Describe Your Sound

Atmospheric Rock



Beau Jones


Beau started the band as a recording project after his last band Misty Mountain broke up. After recording a bunch of material he got the crew together to form a band. After spending a year trying out drummers we played our first show in September 2014 before finally getting Andy in December 2014.


Yes, The Flaming Lips, Boards Of Canada, Faunts, Foals, Pink Floyd, Brad Fiedel, The Prodigy, FKA Twigs, Leure, Usurper of Modern Medicine, The Cure, Glass Animals, Portishead

Shared Bills With

Apache, Moana, Doctopus, King Cactus, Hyla, Koi Child, Kashikoi, Late Night Hysterics, Fuzz Toads, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Tired Lion, Mugwump, Hip Priest, Dream Rimmy, Moistoyster,

Career Highlights

Probably all the rounds of the Big Splash. They were insane amounts of fun, introduced to a bunch of good people and has given us plenty of opportunity since.

Current Activity

We're currently recording as much as we can with plans for other random stuff on the horizon

Shared Members With

Moana - Javan Gorham, Beau Jones BipolarBear - Chris Young, Troy Stockley, Beau Jones Heytesbug - Andrew Griffiths Misty Mountain - Beau Jones, Liam Gillespie Ohayo - Chris Young A'tuin - Beau Jones

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