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Apricot Rail

Years Active 2008- Present

Genre Experimental

Members Justin Manzano Matt Saville Jack Quirk Ambrose Nock Mayuka Juber Daniel Burt

Describe Your Sound

Down tempo/instrumental/post-pop.



One day, after his star sign promised a ‘dynamic’ afternoon, Ambrose Nock (guitar) decided it was the right time to form a band known as Apricot Rail. He was soon joined by Jack Quirk (guitar), Matthew Saville (drums) and Daniel Burt (bass). The premise of the band was simple: music based on unique guitar tunings, the use of natural harmonics, and very open ideas about other instruments, electronica and song structure. Later Mayuka Juber (clarinet/flute) & Justin Manzano (keys/electronica/melodica) would complete the picture.


These Ship Wrecks, Fall Electric, Pond, Shock! Horror!, Zealous Chang, Gulls, Andrew Sinclair project, Adam Said Galore, Stina.

Career Highlights

Launching both the albums.

Current Activity

Members currently living all over the place but we're still 'active', and will play our usual 3-4 shows a year.

Shared Members With

Perth, Felons, Ferris, The City Watch, The Disguise, oh! my!

Releases by Apricot Rail

Apricot Rail

Hidden Shoal




Hidden Shoal