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Band of Missfits

Years Active Three years

Genre Rock, Indie, Pop

Members Kym Redmond as Singer/ Songwriter Melanie Dius on Lead guitar Paul Smith on Drums Lee Matheson Bass Sam Paterniti as Ex Bass player

Describe Your Sound

Band Of Missfits invent their sound using some unshakable components. The Perth four-piece bear both the smoothness of classic rock and the fuzzier tones of grunge. They can transition from a brooding country swagger to an arena-sized crescendo in a heartbeat. In fact, even when the band is at their most subdued they still sound huge.



Kym Redmond


From advertising on Bandmix. I wasn't happy being a soloist and wanted to form a four piece rock/ pop band so did some advertising and found my drummer first, Melanie & Sam. Sam has now left to travel overseas so we have Lee Matheson on Bass.


There are too many to list as i've been singing since i was 5 so it changes all the time but i guess my loves are, Foo fighters, White stripes, Red Jezebel, Melissa Etheridge, The Superjesus, Birds of Tokyo, RHCP, my favourite metal band is System of a down. We love Led Zeppelin, Credence, Brufield, New Talk, Tired Lion, Ruby boots

Shared Bills With

ashi Hall, Command a Panda, Spudgun, Ultrasound, The Silent deeds, Dirtwater Bloom, The Waltones, The Ivory Lies, Jackson Koke, Jupiter Zeus, Hells Bells, Paul McCarthy, Small Batch Audio, Wes Mayers & Band, Scarlett Drive, Sad Hour, Maddcatz, The Discordians, The Blacklisted, Agnesis, The Bonekickers, The bloody Ramblers, K Ridge, Len- X, to name a few...

Career Highlights

Got to sing with Sarah Mcleod. We had an interview & our latest release had radio play on Mix 94.5fm on the Scene segment with Blake Williams. Playing Support for Hells bells was awesome, we have a line up with Cecilia Brandolini next month which should be great.

Current Activity

We are pushing the second single off our latest EP called, 'Nothing at all" with backing from Adam Weston & Firestarter music. Working on new music too.

Shared Members With

Lee Matheson from Fouth Floor who did gigs in NYC and ended up supporting The Scorpions, Deo and Alice Cooper in a gig in Long Island, Bruce Dickinson at CBGBs on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and finally Kiss for four East Coast U.S. dates in their 96/97 World Reunion Tour

Research conducted by: Kym Redmond

Releases by Band of Missfits

Into the storm





Higher Passage