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Years Active 2017 - present

Genre Electronic, Punk/Hardcore, Funk

Members Pablo Lyford-Pike
Bec Edward

Describe Your Sound

Brandishing a killer electro punk-funk sound pulsing with phat, frenetic beats and bootylicious bass lines, BassSpunKy bring a live element, to their bass and beat heavy, high energy dancefloor sets. <p>
These 2 producers (Comprising of Pablo on bass, Synth, beats and guitar, and Bec on vocals, editing and beats patrol), employ smart, sassy lyrics, strong melodies and sexy rhythms to craft a cutting-edge electro sound crossing into rock, disco, and psychadelia, but which retains that distinctive BasSPunKy edge.



Pablo Lyford-Pike


We found each other on the dance floor...
And discovered we had the same taste in music.. many other musicians wanted to collaborate... too much ego in the way..
Was going to work with "Witt" from Spiderbait (in a band called "kids at the pool") but decided it was just the best connection with bec and it was sooo easy.... no holding back .... easiest workflow ever... just heaps of fun... we are definitely our FAVOURITE band.. that's basically "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" for us when it comes to creating music.. the popularity will either happen ...or.. not. But we feel like we've already won!.... As STING once said " is it's own reward"


Daft Punk (Homework only), Bassment jaxx, Chic, Primus, Red hot Chilli Peppers, Suicidal Tendancies, Infectious Grooves, Young MC, Tone Loc, Allyah, Kanye West, many old disco funk records (bass heavy)

Shared Bills With

(only in other bands)
2010 big day out bill
Cosmic Psychos
Debbie Harry/Grinspoon
The White Stripes and more I can't remember

Career Highlights

Popular on Facebook sharing.... will hit the gig circuit mid 2018... looking very promising

Current Activity

Finishing our Debut album, one track at a time.

Shared Members With

Thermal Skunk Rust (bass)
Chorea (bass)
Kids at the pool (bass)

Releases by BasSPunky


I Don't Have To


Be the Party