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Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Electronic, Experimental, Dance

Members Bermud∆ is Li∆m Honey, 19 year old writer, producer and visual artist. It's also the wide network of friends, family, musicians, acquaintances and indeed the world as a whole that provide inspiration and feedback on the Bermud∆ sound.

Describe Your Sound

Bermud∆ is as mysterious as its namesake, evoking a broad suite of moods and genres – but always with an uniquely engaging and dynamic underlying atmosphere.

Its upcoming debut release – “Aquarius” is a conceptual EP with a central theme of the ocean – the listener is a vessel drifting on a current through a wide range of climates and genres – an eclectic journey through ambient, post-rock, vaporwave, dubstep and garage.

Prepare to step off sandy shores, laze past tropical atolls, be torn apart by a typhoon and sink to the depths of Mariana’s Trench.



Liam Honey


Bermud∆ started experimenting with music production around 2011, originally under the name "Hallucinogenie" - trying their hand at an array of EDM genres before developing and maturing into a more laid-back, dynamic and unique musical direction.


My biggest influences and sources of inspiration are Boards of Canada, Burial, Blank Banshee, Oneohtrix Point Never, Eco Virtual, Com Truise and Ta-Ku.

Career Highlights

So far, announcing the release date of their debut EP "Aquarius".

Current Activity

Right now Bermud∆ is busy polishing off their debut EP for its release in January, and working on the side on a second concept EP.

Shared Members With

While Bermud∆ has remained a one-man project since its inception, collaborative efforts have becoming an increasingly prominent component in its still-developing sound. Guitarface ( features on the track Water's Edge, laying down some beautiful clean guitarwork.

Releases by Bermud∆