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Big Orange

Years Active 2015-

Genre Indie, Rock, Pop

Members Tom Garvey - keys Daniel Davis- vox, guitar Emma Adams- synth Russell Loasby- drums Michael Georgieff- bass

Describe Your Sound

A band of runaway outlaws and romantics with a keen knack for earworming power pop hooks





The original band - Daniel, Tom, Holly, Chris and I (Emma) - grew up in the South West town of Harvey. We lived together in an old farm house which played host to our ritual 'Friday Rum & Jam Nights', these were always loud and messy as heck. That house was old, real old, so old that early one Saturday morning while we were nursing our hangovers caused from the night before, we heard a loud cracking sound, that sound was warning that the whole ceiling of the house was about to give way and that it did ... once the plume of dust had settled over every inch of our belongings, we dusted ourselves off, gathered our things and moved to the city. We moved into an equally old house in West Leederville where we continued the rum & jam nights and that's pretty much where Big Orange was born . (The hours upon hours Daniel spends meticulously crafting songs for us to play is also probably also worth mentioning) These days the band has changed up a bit, we have recruited Russell Loasby to hit drums and Michael Georgieff to bass. We still get together on a Friday, its still ends with rum. We have been spending a lot of time with good friend Dan Carroll at Rada Studios the last few months and now looking forward to sharing our debut EP with you all very soon. We have been spending a lot of time at Rada Studios the last few months and now looking forward to sharing our debut EP 'Streets' with you all. It'll be out in April.


All of them, Perth music rules

Shared Bills With

Salary, Thee Gold Blooms, The Love Junkies, Rag n Bone, Luke Dux, Datura4, Timothy Nelson, New Nausea, Catherine Traicos, Simone & Girlfunkle, Childsaint, Benjamin Witt, Royal Chant, Spilt cities, Sidewalk Diamonds, Michael Savage, The Wanderers, Black Stone From The Sun, Flossy, The Limbs, Moana, These Winter Nights, Gold Suns, The Altas Mountains, Scalphunter.........

Career Highlights

RTR Winter Music Festival 2017

After that old Harvey farm house fell to bits rumour spread through the town that we had "rocked the roof down" - we find this funny as heck. Most likely source: our landlord gossiping to the local hairdresser - the way all small town urban legends are spread.

Current Activity

We are releasing our debut EP this month (July 2017) 'Last year’s first single 'Guiding Star’ provided a low-key introduction to lead singer and chief songwriter Daniel Davis’ knack for pop craftsmanship, with the track making its way onto the 2016 KISS MY WAMi compilation CD. Follow up singles ‘Streets’ & ‘Famous’ were both added to RTRFM’s Sound Selection upon release, with the latter receiving extensive airplay across FBi in Sydney, cracking the #8 spot on the Amrap community radio airplay charts.'

Shared Members With

The Wilds, GENOA, The Autumn Isles, Joel Barker and The Low Company, Michael Savage, Holly Garvey

Releases by Big Orange




Guiding Star



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