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Big Orange

Years Active 2015-

Genre Rock, Indie, Pop

Members Daniel Davis- guitar, vocals Tom Garvey - keys, bass Holly Garvey - bass, percussion Emma Adams- synth, percussion Jeremy Randall- drums

Describe Your Sound

Big Orange are a band going straight for your heart – reaching deep with their souls to elevate you on a wave of lilting melodies and soaring choruses.



Sam Farringdon


From the evergreen pastures of Harvey via a homely bungalow in suburban Leederville, the bands' humble beginnings were spawned through sincere and devout dedication to the Tower of Song – Daniel holed himself up in a dark room, existing on a strict diet of old records, books, and various vintage guitars and keyboards, intent on unlocking the mystery of the universe. He found the key in songwriting, and set about constructing songs with all the delicacy and intricacy of a true pop architect. Filled with a fierce determination and a twinkle in his eye, Daniel set about recruiting other true believers to help breathe life into his creations. He found a kinship in Tom Garvey, who colored the songs with delicate keyboard flourishes (and the occasional acoustic guitar), Emma Adams, who added warmth with atmospheric synth washes (and an earthiness with percussion), and also Holly Garvey (bass) and Jeremy Randall (drums), who combined deliver the songs’ rhythmic propulsive drive.


The jangle of a Fender Telecaster.

Career Highlights

Recording first single with the incredible Dan Carrol at Rada Studio

Current Activity

Working on next single :)

Shared Members With

The Wilds, GENOA

Releases by Big Orange

Guiding Star